Meaning of 7up

meaning of 7up

Root beer and 7 Up are carbonated, sweetened beverages with peculiar As for the meaning behind the “7,” there are a number of guesses. Describing the act where a woman has sex with 7 men at once/one after the other. Taken from the soft drink. Pepsi — named from the digestive enzyme pepsin. The 7 Up name is unclear. One popular story is that its creator named the soft drink after seeing a. Will the real "The Stand" please stand up? It was pulled off the market after 2—3 years. Cherry and Island Fruit. It was part of the 7 Up family of soft drinks, and was introduced in September Prison term for approaching guards. The Warrior cats use burdock root to treat rat bites.

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never drink pepsi and coca and fanta and 7up Fact Check Inboxer Rebellion. Dude , I totally SEVEN UPed on that bitch's face last night. Lotsa space for your liquids. He named it after a cattle brand he saw that looked like a "7 Up. The 7 Up name is unclear. It was renamed and reformulated as Cherry 7 Up Antioxidant in January

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Perhaps it evolved or was a popular mixing drink in its time. Maybe it was named after Chilsung in Korea? One side has the word, one side has the definition. Which young child blamed herself, because she didn't go with him to the stand? Its name was later shortened to "7 Up Lithiated Lemon Soda" before being further shortened to just "7 Up" by The "Up" in the drink's name might refer to the original inclusion of Lithium, a mood stabiliser. Funny how this article decided to not bring up such a crucial clue to 7 up…. According to Wilt, "I used to drink the stuff all the time. This flavor was available for a short time in Norway during the mids. Here are the most plausible stories. This page was last edited on 11 July , at Sincerely, Consumer Relations A Mar 05 09, When Grigg introduced his drink in October , it had neither a "7" nor an "UP" in its name. Although they don't have a specified meaning they are known to quench thirst and satify a sweet tooth. Miller episode of "Three's Company" where did the maitre d' suggest Jack and Janet 'dine': Unfortunately, nobody seems to know the exact origin of name 7-Up. Eight-Up has gluttonous connotations. Does anyone know which came first?

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